Specialist consulting

Assessing your company's security-needs requires in-depth knowledge of the current threat landscape that affects your organisation. 

Areusecure offers 18-years of experience in the area of Security.

We are proud to be able to offer in depth technical services, experienced management solutions and assess whatever security oriented situation you are currently in.

Our customer's best interests are always the focal point of our work.


Get to know our offered services

Security adviser

With in-depth experience in IT-, information- and physical security (abstract theory as well as in-depth technical) we can guide you on how to successfully tackle your challenges

Penetration testing

We've conducted hundreds of penetration tests (web application-, infrastructure- and device tests). We cover the OWASP fundamentals as well as experience based knowledge

Malware analysis

We'll capture, analyse and combat Malware for you. Our lab environment allows both static- (on disk) and dynamic analysis (in memory).

Incident response

18 years of experience in resolving incidents and taking a leading role in incident management


Did you accidently delete data?
Do you need assistance in investigating a suspected crime or breach of trust? We can help you out.